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*COMPLETED* GREEN O's White Lemon and Train Wreck powder feeding test !!!

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hey mate, great work so far, dont be too investigative about some spots...good to be alerted but that plants look very happy to me.

Really curious about that trainwreck tbh :D because the k-train was such a nice treat to me...

Have a good good grow


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Hey man, those little spots are nothing compared to how awesome they look, very minor I would say bro. But I know, you are like me, any slight sign of a problem and you want to feed them chicken soup and make em better :P If it is calcium, maybe in your case a little Cal-Mag Plus or something similar might be the chicken soup you are looking for lol.

But ya, don't let those spots detract from 4 really happy looking plants that are ready to explode with flowers! Keep up the awesome work man and best of luck to ya :fan:

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BUD PORN!!!!!!!!!!!!

i figured i would share a few nuggets for everyone. i know its a little off topic but who doesn't love a little bud porn and i got a green house strain in there. anyways i hope you guys enjoy too look at my stash for the weekend ( not all of it obviously but just a few strains i haven't posted). since we are all strain hunters i no you all will appreciate it.

the first strain i have to share with you guys is a classic plant and probably one of the original kush strains hindu kush. this bud is tasty pretty typical of a kush, and the high is really indica dominate a great strain every kush lover should try.

Hindu kush




The next strain to share is a greenhouse strain that is just awsome an unique hashy hazey flavour and high the nuggets are just covered in crystal a great strain i am glad i have ad the privilege to try Alaskan Ice.

GHSC Alaskan Ice






and the last strain is a great strain similar to King's kush it is also an OG kush X Grape Ape strain known as Grape kush ( not to be confused with Grape Krush from Dj short) this bud has a typical grape strain odor and is very similar in smell to the grape escape bud i posted in the what are you smoking section of the forum. but the high is much more indica dominate. its great smoke really altho its appearance could be alittle more colorful its still some beautiful smoke.

Grape Kush ( og kush X grape ape)





Stay Tuned in the next couple of days for another look into my garden a full update coming soon !!!!

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Buds looks great! They trimmed so well. Do u have kind of machine to do that? or u cure them so long?? Anyway they are awesome!



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Buds looks great! They trimmed so well. Do u have kind of machine to do that? or u cure them so long?? Anyway they are awesome!



hey man , sorry if i didn't make it clear i was just sharing some bud pictures from my stash for the week, i have been a " strain hunter" never really called my self it but the name is fitting for longer then i can remember. i try to make it my mission to try at least 2 new strain's a week some times like this week more but i definatly wouldn't want anyone thinking i was trying to rep weed that i din't grow as my own or anything. i happen to be very fortunate i live in a city that has such laxed medical marijuana enforcement i have 2 amazing dispensaries within 15 mins walk from my house there was 3 but one moved. even before i was a member i would look for the best herb from growers that could conform the genetics and collected seed stock . by the way that grape kush i got my hand's on some seed's of it and will be growing it out very soon along with the platinum kush from last week i posted picture's of i have about 21 seeds of the platinum but only 2 of the grape kush seeds both strain's are phenomenal.

but like in my the grow part of my journal i will definitely provide ton's of picture's throughout the entire flowering stage's as well as the end result bud porn always try to provide a ton of pic's, i am not very good at lay out like some of the other journals i have seen in this comp so i try to make up with it by providing a lot of photo's. but yeah i just figured it would be good to share some bud porn from the neighborhood representing the Canadian herb!!! sorry for the confusion...

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U ar doing great job! You ar my favorite grower in this competition ! Plants looks richly !

You should be example of farmer for style,love and passion.


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Loving the porn Greeno, Really beautiful, Like fran, my mouth is watering, especially for that grap kush , yummy. :D

I also like the great photo's really nice clear pics showing some of the amazing weed in your area, very nice, thumbs up.

At least two different strains a week is good going, I wish it could be like that here in the UK.

Looking forward to your next big update.

Stay high, I know you will ;)



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thanks alot dudes and dudette's , it means alot that i hear so many people appreciating my work especially considering how talented alot of you all are. i havent been able to have the time to work out an update but i will in the next day or so for sure. i gotta admit looking at my last update alot has changed, WL #3 the one plant that looked flawless started streching like crazy i call it the SLH pheno because the growth looks more sativa like then my other white lemons thata i call the el nino pheno because white lemon #1 and 2 growth pattern is exsactly like el nino indica short and bushy.

i did however have a bit of a problem with WL #3 , i tryed to bend the main cola because it was getting way to tall that i was having to lift my lights too much. when i bended the main stalk it snapped really bad because the main stem was hallow it cracked all the way up the internode i treyed taping it up but it wasent holding up. after thinking for a whole what to do i looked at the plant and realized that the lateral branches where really large and even height with the rest of my crop so i just cut the main stem from the bottom of the crack and took the hole top off. it was an accident but it ended up working out in my favour now that one plant has 6 tops and all the plants are more even so i can get better growth.

i also defoliated and topped the trainwreck because it still hadn't showed preflowers at the time and now the plant look amazing i can't wait to upload the plants now WL # 1 and 2 are probably the best tho both at already after only 2 week in 12/12 the vertical growth has seriously slowed down and the flowers are already forming distinctively probably the quickest out of most non autoflower strains i have grown, the sativa looking wwhite lemon is only starting to form flowers and the trainwreck has just develoed the preflowers. but having the canopy at an even level is doing alot to help the overall growth of all the plants.

so yeah in a day or so i will upload everyything but its looking good so stay tuned i have a few new strain's to share in the mean time.

first being a great purple strain called purple heart its genetics are known as P.O.W and is a cross of g 13 # purple afghani

riot seeds - purple heart




the second strain is one i have posted before but a new batch a strain called fat albert ( albert walkerX tom hill's deep chunk ) its another grape like genetic with a bit of likea white strain kick from the albert walker it's a great strain and affordable which makes it that much better plus the name is pretty dope hey hey hey!!!

Fat Albert




anyways i hope you all enjoy the porn and for those waiting on my update i will be posting it very soon, in the mean time happy hunting everyone !!!!

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UPDATE!!!!! Day 18 of 12/12!!!!!!!

Ok so alot has developed since the last update, first off i switched everything to powderfeeding, and it seem's that was the right move because the deficiencies have worked them selfs out. for one none of the new growth is showing sign's of calcium spot's on any of the plant's the leafs all look great especially the trainwreck which has really boosted since the lasted update. i topped 2 plants one by accident and the other on purpose. the accident was that i wasn't trying to top the plant the WL#3 was stretching so much i decided to switch it to powderfeeding and also to bend the main stock but i didn't realize how hollow the stem was from streching until it was to late and the stem broke and cracked all the way up i tried taping it up but it wasn't holding well after looking at the plant i decided to just take take the top off from the main stalk because the lateral branchs are massive and i think i will still get a decent yeild out of her this way.

Wl#3 looks allot more sativa influenced now it still has indica like leafs but the plant is really big for an indica i am calling it the SLH pheno and the other 2 the el Nino only because there growth formation resembles those plants. even the smell of the two types is different in the SLH when you touch the stem the room reeks of haze but with the short bushier one's you an smell more the white genetics then haze coming from the stem. but i mean that is hardly a way to check odor so as the flowering progresses i will make my assessment of the difference's. but just from looking at that you can see the difference.

so basically i wanted to do this update a little differently and show the plants side by side. i am out to prove that its possible to grow weed in even the most trying situation's, i keep the slogan keep it simple to heart so it can be hard to find way's to make my post's more interesting as my technique's are painfully simple but effective. my mission is to reach the tokers out there who think because of there lack of fund's or space that growing is little more then a pipe dream one of the reason's i was so attracted to powderfeeding and it is a really great product for those who need something reliable effective and cheap in my set up a 1 kilo bag will last me almost a hole year and thats pulling a minimum of a quater pound every 2 to 2.5 months a number which would double if i had 2 space's but right now all i got to work with is a dresser that is 3 feet wide 2 feet deep and 6 feet tall.

but anyways i hope you all enjoy the update day 18 of 12/12!!!! i did some defoliation on all the plant's to get more light to the bud sites and topped the WL#3 and TrainWreck.



notice the flower's on this el nino pheno White Lemon plant already forming nicely and its only day 18 of flowering !!!






WL #2 ( another el nino pheno very similar to #1 in shape and size)




WL#3 SLH pheno ( this is one of the plant's i topped, its topping was an accident but it was getting much to tall anyways that it was effecting my other plant's but it ending out working out because the plant is now gonna have 6 or 7 smaller top nug's instead of 1 big one. )





Trainwreck ( as you can see i topped this plant as well but this one i topped on purpose and the growth has exploded she has also formed preflowers about a week a go so it was late getting started but she's rebounded from the problems earlyer and is now doing really great.





now finally as promised i have a collection of group photo's so the the plants can be compared, for those who are nerd's like me and like to get the hole picture of what's going on in someone's grow.

here's a pic of the hole group on the left side is trainwreck and WL#3 and on the right is WL #1 in frount and #2 in back


Here we have WL #3 far left, #2 in the middle and #1 far right.


same order different angle



Here is WL #3 (right) WL#2 left


And on the right WL#2, and on the left WL#1


Well that's it for this update, from the grow on day 18 of 12/12 stick around because there's a lot more development on the way that i can promise... but until then happy huntin' from Canada, strain hunters! and remember keep it simple !! and share your knowledge.

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Clean big update as usual Greeno and with some nice infos :)

WL 3 indeed seems to have had a big stretch compare to others, little more stretchy and less bud sites but who knows perhpas the buds will be huge and smoke the best, surprises of phenotype hey ^^

Beside that other girls have very nice uniform canopy should be looking pretty in full flowering and beenefit much light :D

Do you plan on taking some pop corn away on the lower part?

Have a good grow man keep the news coming ;)

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Lookin just awesome over there bro!! Those flowers on the WL's are really nice for 18 days..gonna be some nice big buds I'm gonna predict. Man some of us could use a lesson in simplicity sometimes (looks in mirror) :P You're doin a great job as always proving what you said..you can grow some killer bud with a small investment. Like Tokage was sayin you keep doin what you're doin and we'll all sit back and have a toke and admire :) Looking at that Trainwrecks fat leaves I can see where the leaves on my babies are coming from. I definitely wouldn't mix them up with my SLH's lol.

BEST OF LUCK FROM JUST NORTH OF YA! P.S...how about the freakin deepfreeze..holy damn brrrrrr!!

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Really healthy and good looking plants, impressive how fast they develop.

Gonna be some beauties with all this fat branches full of buds...

good job bro

grow on


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hey everyone , it's time for my mid week smoke report, too early for an update so i figured i would share a little more bud porn from my weekly stash i got some goodies this week only two strains but two great one's at that. i try to get 2 new strain's a week to try and report on.

the first is a strain that goes by the name black dog unfortunatly there are many different black dog / black dawg strain's around so i can't fully say what company released this gem but it is defintaly a strain worth looking into. by educated guess would be that its willy jack's black dog ( black domina X willy jack) the bud has a really interesting odor like black domina mixed with mint chocolate chip ice cream if you could imagine that. the high is very sativa like a haze hybrid kinda high relaxing and uplifting and its flavor is very reminiscent of it odor which makes it some extra special smoke.

black dog




the second strain is a classic Mr Nice critical mass, known for its massive yeild's of high quality cannabis this strain hit's off all the tick's on a commercial grower's list but its commercial appeal should not be used to over look the quality aspect of this strain. people that dig old school genetics llike white widow , northern lights, skunk #1 and big bud would love this strain and if you grew up smoking weed off the street in the 90's chances are you have came across these genetics before as critical mass is just a reworked or enhanced version of big bud which is a famous for it's commercial appeal.

Mr Nice - critical mass




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I heard much good about the Critical Mass. Mainly that it is a huge yielder that packs a good punch.

Who makes "Black dog" is that also Mr.nice?

yeah critical mass is a great strain for the kinda dude's that like that old school 90's strain's like the white strains , northern light's, super skunk that kinda thing its a strong strain but it isent as strong in the odor department as like kush strain's its subtle but very nice.

the black dog is a rarer strain its hard to find information on it because a couple of different companies release strains called black dog and each one has different genetic's. i am pretty positive that this strain is from a breeder who goes by the name willy jack and is a cross of black domina X willy jack ( willy jack's flagship strain itts a jack herer cross) but that is just my best guess

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UPDATE!!!! DAY 24 12/12 !!!!!

so everything is going great so far its now only a couple day's past 3 weeks and the flower's are already forming nicely on all the white lemons and starting to form on the trainwreck even some resin on the white lemons is starting to show up. on day 21 i finished off the defoliation on plants WL #1 & 2 and i did some pruning on WL#3 and the train wreck of the lower bud's and vegetation already the WL#1 & 2 's flower site have more then tripled in size so it seems to be doing the trick i desided to use the defoliation technique because the vegetation was so thick it was like a carpet cutting off any light from the lower two 3rd's of the plant now much more light is penetrating through and the the flower's are appreciating all the extra light. and like i said last update after having problems with nutrient's and what not i desided to switch everything over to powderfeeding i did it and ever since it the plant's that where having trouble turned completely around so i am just gonna keep everything going powderfeeding.

White Lemon #1











White Lemon #2



WL#2 left , and WL#1 right


WL#1 Left , and WL#2 right





WL#3 ( SLH pheno AKA long pheno)








TrainWreck left, WL#1 middle, WL#2 right


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Nice grow man!

Defoliation is a good point, but I was read somewhere u cut from top to bottom to take a shadow away(leave the bottom leaves). After week 6 or 7 is a good time to do it...(I'll try ONE plant defoliation method and then compare to others with the leaves)

But u got a strong plants so the yield should be double.

Good Luck!


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